Benefits of Using Internet Enabled Phones for the Office

IP Phones

Mitel IP Phone

With Internet enabled phones, any office can now access similar tools used in large enterprises. These phones have been designed to cater for the needs of the business without denting the budget. With your office connected to an IP network, your business can now enjoy better customer service, improve collaboration, and enable employees to work remotely. Below are the benefits of using a Mitel IP phone in your office:

Increased mobility and flexibility

Internet telephony enables employees to integrate software programs, like e-fax, e-mail, and remote conferencing via telephone. Having an IP enabled phone will enable a user to have a conversation over the phone and access the Internet at the same time. Users are also able to carry their adapters anywhere in the office as long as there is an Internet connection. This means you can access your data and phone network, regardless of your physical location in the office guaranteed a broadband Internet connection is available.

The increase in mobility provided by IP enabled phones assist corporate employees who are required to travel frequently. Furthermore, long-distance VOIP calls are comparatively low-priced than conventional cell phone calls.

Reduced costs and increased productivity

Mitel IP phone systems reduce the cost used on phone charges. A combined voice and data network simplifies the Installation process, making management easier, thus reduces the cost. Employees can reduce the time spent managing messages with the unified messaging feature. Moreover, web and voice conferencing improves productivity at the same time reducing travel expenses.

Using an IP enabled phone in the office enables employees to improve on their multitasking skills, which further increases the overall productivity. With the reduced costs, a business can now allocate funds used on traditional phone bills to improve on other aspects of the business. Having VoIP technology makes it more appealing for corporations and businesses that do not want to deal with the lagging transmission and distorted phone calls associated with traditional telephony.

Improved Customer service

With the Mitel IP Phone system, your customers can now enjoy improved customer experience. Customers now have better ways of getting in touch with your office via email, fax, phone, or a click-to-chat platform.