Workforce Management

Workforce Management – The Workforce Transformation Information You Need

What is workforce management?

Workforce management, which is also known as WFM, is the term used to describe the process of managing staff and ensuring that productivity is optimised as well as competency and performance levels.

Essentially, WFM is an integrated strategy designed so that employees can effectively carry out their working practices to a schedule so the most productive output is achieved.

Business Continuity Planning

 Forecasting contact volumes

 Scheduling staff around your forecast contact volumes

 Managing on a day to day basis, which is called intraday management, in case of any unexpected rises in the contact volumes or absenteeism

 Creating a Business Continuity Plan

By using the techniques above businesses can conduct workforce transformation and in turn achieve a more controlled and managed workforce and business.

workforce management

What is Forecasting?

Forecasting is a method of predicting future demand in order to ensure you have the correct resources to meet it. Forecasting uses the knowledge and experience of management as well as data analysis in order to project the coming month’s activities. This then allows staff, stock and other measures to be arranged prior to prevent disappointment.

Some methods used in the forecasting process are:

 The Delphi method

 Moving Averages

 Trend analysis

 Exponential smoothing

What is Scheduling?

The purpose of scheduling is assigning enough staff members in order to combat the heavy traffic, this can be done using an Erlang calculator. This allows several fields to be filled out such as:

The number of calls expected over an allotted time period

 Allotted period of time

 Average Handling Time


 Target Answer Time

 Maximum Occupancy

 Service Level

All these factors together would give the number of staff members that need to be active at the time to handle the expected demand. It can be an effective tool provided the information entered is approximate to the actual figure.

What is Intraday Management?

Intraday management is the process in which the previous steps taken are applied, this is also the step if in any case a situation arises such as technical damages or power outages occur then the company will initiate SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) in order to tackle these in the moment efficiently and quickly. These SOPs could also mean if an increase in calls occur, the employer could use more staff members to answer the calls to fend off the rapid boost in calls.

What is Business Continuity Planning?

There is a more commonly used term for this type of action, it is more so referred to as “Disaster Recovery Planning”. This is where the company plans for disaster level situations such as technical faults or any crisis level events like critical weather such as intense snowstorms or electrical storms or disease epidemics. Workforce management techniques such as this ensure every type of scenario is taken care for in the condition that it does happen, a list of probable types of scenarios you must consider:

 Power outages for long periods of time

 Technology Failure

 Severe weather hazards

 Natural Disasters

 Vandalism or Theft


Even though these may seem like a once in a lifetime event, they could occur nonetheless so having a procedure to follow in the situation that these do happen is vital for keeping a calm and collected mindset and to keep the employees safe.